Day 10 - Rehearsals, Students Singing at Recital, and Open Mic Night

Today was another exciting day at Choir Camp!

After breakfast, warm-ups were led by Audrey, one of the many talented and knowledgeable voice teachers here at camp. The warm-ups woke up both the voice and the body, as they included stretches, squats, and a lot of lip trills. After warm-ups, Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Joyful Voices rehearsed the Star Spangled Banner in preparation for singing at the A's game in September. After a successful 15 minute rehearsal, the campers made their way to their theory classes. After theory class, they went to their respective rehearsals until lunch. After lunch, there were some brief announcements, then it was time for rest period. After rest period, the campers had three hours of free time, consisting of making friendship braclets and landyards, sectionals, voice lessons, arts and crafts (the craft today was making pet rocks), going to the lake for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, as well as a short trip to the creek and Walker Creek garden. 

Camp Joyful Voices had a riveting theory class today, including rhyming games and a rhythm exercise based off of one of the rounds that they are working on in rehearsal. They made progress on the choreography of "Bye Bye Blackbird". After lunch, rest period was very peaceful, with everyone in their own beds. During free time, Joyful Voices split between going to the lake and going to Arts and Crafts. Counselor Darren took a group of children to play gaga ball (by the arts and crafts area) while the other children at arts and crafts enjoyed making pet rocks, bracelets, and playing two square. At the lake, the campers canoed, swam, and played colors. The pinnacle moment of lake time was finding a frog in Piper, Kea, and Juliet's canoe! In addition, the campers, with assistance from the counselors, created a floatilla of canoes and kayaks. After free time, there was another successful hour of shower, followed by the distribution of cookies. They then joined the rest of the camp for recital.

Rectial today was full of student performers. We got to listen to a variety of voices from Ensemble: Gabriel Stockwell, Chole Bobila, Gulzar Attari, Erin Bartholomew, Kimiye Hendee, Anni Robinson. They were all wonderful and made everyone very optimistic for Ensemble's upcoming year and excited for recital tomorrow. After recital, there was dinner, dessert, and then rehearsal. After very productive rehearsals, including a meditation session for Concert Choir, the evening activity, Open Mic Night, commenced. Open Mic Night consisted of more wonderful performances from the campers. The performers were Ruth Chew, Makenna Hillyard, Genevieve Hiller, Sophie Santander, Lizzie Barr, Abby Sanchez, Pheobe Schmidt, Anni Robinson, Milla Munn, Roxy Bostian, Talia Young-Skeen, Liam Young-Skeen, Zia Pao-Ziegler, Elizabeth Fiske, Maddy Ashburn, Alexa Bordin, Juliana Lai, Helena Suarez-Kaminska, and finally, a performance of an original song by one of the wonderful accompanists Katy Stephan, written for the campers themselves. After Open Mic Night, everyone went to bed peacefully to prepare for their final full day at camp.

Check out photos from today!