Day 5 - Ecco Performs and the Choir Camp Dance

Today was a busy and fulfilling day for our campers! This morning Concert Choir held their annual elections, and decided that their President would be Gabby Navarro-Moynihan, their Vice president would be Charlotte Fithian, their Social chair would be Kailamae Sands and Eliza Van de Water, and their librarians would be Amba Beattie, Sierra Elginsmith, Celisa Cortes, and Vivi Van Gelder. Ensemble continued to work on their Estonian pronunciations and did so well on their memorization work that Bob let them out early to lunch. After lunch we all wished a very happy birthday to Kasandra Dagnese.

During free time, the campers spent a lot of time visiting with the Alums, including Marissa Rahl (class of 1997), Katrina Turman (class of 2004), and Teddy DePuy (class of 2012) among others. The campers had a lot of fun comparing stories about camp and Bob over the years. For arts and crafts, the bead creatures made a return because of popular demand and many of the campers continued to work on elaborate friendship bracelets. 

For recital, Ecco performed a beautiful and varied set including a piece that was exceptionally exciting for the campers that was composed by Meredith Monk, a contemporary composer that created a lot of texture in her piece with ethereal cluster chords that filled the entire recital hall. The movements that Eric incorporated made it an incredibly stunning piece. We also enjoyed a performance of "Poor Wayfaring Stranger" by the Ecco men (affectionately called MANcora). We cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us this year!

The Campers ended the day with our annual dance in the Boogie Barn, where the kids donned their wildest outfits dressing up in tutus, capes, and animal ears. They had a blast shifting musical gears and listening to pop songs, dancing to counselor Andy's DJ set (ending in Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen). They went to bed tired from a long day and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow for break day tomorrow!

Please check out pictures from today!