Day 6 - Break Day

Break Day! Today, campers found respite from their regular schedule. Normally, their day is filled with a morning and evening rehearsal, a theory class, and various voice or group lessons, with scheduled free time and a "rest hour." On Break Day, campers have only one rehearsal (in the morning), no theory or vocal classes, and a choice of three fun and exciting activities! 

The day started with a later wakeup of half an hour, so kids rose from their bunks at 8:00 instead of 7:30am. Cabins rejoiced in the lack of "Cabin Check" this Break Day, but many still showed their spirit for "Pajama Day." After breakfast, singers went to their morning rehearsals. At 10:00am Camp Joyful Voices arrived to camp! This 19-child group, ranging from age 7 to 10, encompasses all choirs within Training Department. They have their own cohort of CITs who are beyond excited to spend a lot of quality time with the adorable (and hilarious!) kids in TD. The two weeks Piedmont Choirs stays at Walker Creek are divided into a week for Ecco and one for Joyful Voices. So, after settling into their newly vacated cabin Eucalyptus and unpacking, their CITs facilitated introductions, med, voice, and swim checks. "Hour of Shower" immediately followed their visit to the Pond. Joyful Voices will have an "Hour of Shower" every day while they are here! They also played some fun get-to-know-you games with their CITs such as "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish," "Winter Wind's A'Blowin,'" and "Human Knot."

After rehearsals, the entire camp participated in the pre-chosen Break Day options. In previous years, all childen went on a hike in the beautiful hills surrounding the Ranch, but this year they could also go to the creek or hang out at Arts and Crafts. Those that did elect to go the traditional hike soon found themselves walking on paths through varied terrain: fields, bay laurel forests, and scenic hilltops, ending at Turtle Pond. Those who visited the creek splashed around or built creative rock structures. The kids worked together to make an impressive dam aptly named "Victoria Dam" and a wooden bridge. After a couple hours they also went to the Pond to meet up with the hike group. The Arts and Crafts group made lanyards and friendship bracelets, or otherwise read or talked. It should be noted that one intrepid camper, Julian, made a "Choir Times" newspaper of the day, which can be found in the attached pictures!

Like Camp Joyful Voices' Hour of Shower, the entire Piedmont Choirs camp had to shower during the hour of 4:00. Afterwards, since there was no Recital today, children went straight to dinner. The nightly activity, a camp-wide movie, started at 6:30 and was complete with popcorn (and appropriate subsititutes for those with dietary restrictions).

Break Day and the arrival of Joyful Voices Camp were successful and the staff can't wait to bring a similar sense of revjuvination to the regular schedule tomorrow.

Check out tonight's photos: