Day 7 - Color Day, Rehearsals Resume and "Opera in a Bag"


After a full day of rest yesterday, the kids were eager to jump right back into the regular schedule today!

After a delicious pancake breakfast, campers marched up to the Maple room where Tim started off the day right with a dance-infused warm up. All the campers, now energized and ready for a song-filled day, resumed with the regular choir camp program by heading to their respective theory classes and rehearsals after a dance warm up with voice teacher Tim Silva. Estonian melodies and "Carol of the Bells" (sung not on words but in solfege!) could be heard throughout the camp all morning. Lunch was quickly followed by afternoon announcements and Color Day judging (the results of which will be announced tomorrow)! 

Campers chose from the typical variety of afternoon activities during free time in between voice lessons. Some chose to go the the lake to swim and kayak or canoe, but many stayed behind to play in the field or participate in arts and crafts including today's special activity, choir t-shirt decorating! Campers were given all sorts of old choir t-shirts to cut, color, and decorate in many different, creative ways. Recital was a particular treat today as Joyful Voices conductor Kate Offer pulled out her hilarious repetoire including songs such as the beloved "Bunny Hop-hop-hop," as well as an ode to chocolate cookies that pulled at our heartstrings, and an operatic performance with visual aids to help understanding. Results from yesterday's spirit day (pajama day) were announced and cabin Coyote (the boys' cabin) was ecstatic to be crowned one of the winners. 

After dinner and evening rehearsal, Concert Choir and Ensemble gathered in Muir Room to begin the evening activity- "Opera in a Bag." After being divided up into seven groups, campers were given a bag full of random objects/costumes and four words (Mark Winges, Turtle Pond, Shrinky Dinks, and Frolic) to include in their opera-skits. After just fifteen minutes, the mini-operas were performed followed by some very sophisticated critiques provided by beloved staff member, Katy Stephan. Some favorite moments from the operas included Sarah Sullivan's interpretation of "Bob in a Bog" and Ken Sibal's reprisal of the "Yee-Haw" solo from the Hong Kong choir's performance at the Golden Gate Festival. Check out some videos in today's photo link!

Today was Camp Joyful Voices' first full day of choir camp. They got right to work in class in which Kate led the campers in an activity with plastic cups to teach rhythm and then worked on songs such as "The Cuckoo," "Bye-bye Blackbird," and the National Anthem. During free time some Joyful Voices campers went to the pond, some stayed at arts and crafts, and later the CITS walked all training department campers to the Walker Creek farm where they saw sheeps, goats, and an impressive fruit, vegetable, and herb garden. Training Department campers were so exhausted at the end of their long day that they went to bed early.

We are all looking forward to the remaining five days of camp!

Check out A LOT of photos from today: