Day 8: Camper Catch Counselor, Choir Olympics, and "To Breathe As One"

Campers woke up bright and early for another exciting day of Choir Camp!

After breakfast, we had warmups with Clarissa in Maple. Then after moning theory class, campers went to their rehearsals. Ensemble took their annual group photo on the rock. All the campers were excited for taco tuesday at lunch. There was no spirit day today, but a few girls from Bobcat cabin dressed up as characters from Spongebob Squarepants. So much spirit!

After lunch was rest period; after opening mail from their families it was mandartory rest. During free time this afternoon, singers went to voice classes, sectionals, and visited the lake. Camp Joyful Voices played Camper Catch Counselor, ending with their CIT's covered in paint and lots of smiling faces. They found one of their counselors hiding up a tree, and all the paint was used up in record time. Some campers auditioned for Open Mic Night, some visited arts and crafts to make frienship bracelets. Today's craft was 'letters home' where campers made some creatIve mail to send home to all of you!

Recital this evening was filled with wonderful performances from camp staff, including music from the Magic flute and a musical retelling of a native american myth about Coyote and some berries. Camp Joyful Voices enjoyed Clarissa's interactive opera performance. Spirit winners from yesterday were allowed to leave for dinner first; Congrats Cabin Raccoon! After a yummy dinner in the dining hall and their nightly rehearsals, Camp Joyful Voices and Concert Choir participated in the Choir Olympics! A series of musical and camp themed challenges later, the Alto 2's emerged victorious with the most overall points. Ensemble spent the night in, and watched "To Breathe As One," a documetary about Estonia's song festival featuring our choir back in 2009.

Check out some photos from today's activites: