Day 9 - Bookmarks, Sectionals, Voice Classes and Staff No Talent Night

Today was yet another busy day at Walker Creek Ranch. After warmups led by voice teacher Liz, the whole camp joined together to rehearse the Star Spangled banner in preparation for the upcoming A's game in September. Theory classes and rehearsal continued as usual, followed by lunch and spirit judging for today's theme "Dinos vs Aliens". Cabin jackrabbit came in first place, followed by cabin bobcat, and cabin condor. Wyatt and Shao-Shao got honorable mentions for showing up in costume even though the rest of their respective cabins chose not to participate. Free time was full of the usual activities, with today's special arts and crafts project being bookmark making!

Camp Joyful Voices went on their own afternoon expedition to the farm. This time they were led around by a Walker Creek staff member and got to feed the sheeps and goats as well as walk around to garden trying various fresh fruits and vegetables. Some favorites included the fresh rhubarb and rasberries as well as seeing to compost pile where all our food waste gets turned into soil for the garden!

Recital today was especially enjoyable because of the many camper performances. We were treated to a special sibling duet provided by Talia and Liam Young-Skeen, an Irish folk song sung by Natalie Ung, and another duet performed by Kailamae and Keira. 

For Staff No Talent Night, all the campers gathered in Muir after evening rehearsals to watch us counselors and teachers present some of our many "talents" including non-aquatic synchronized swimming, getting ready for the camp dance, singing original songs, and much much more! After such a long day the kids were in their beds early to rest up for the last few days. Only three more days of camp - we can hardly believe it!

Check out today's pictures: