The People Behind the Sponsorship

Many people see a need, but precious few step forward to help fill it. In a class by themselves are Jim and Bonnie Bell of Bell Investment Advisors. As Season Sponsors for Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir, they have shown their support in many important ways. We are extremely grateful for their passion, their energy, and their support of our programs. Below is a brief conversation with the Bells.

Q. What first attracted you to the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir (PEBCC)?

Bonnie: The very first time I heard the Piedmont Choirs – at a gala about 10 years ago – I was filled with tears and so much emotion I couldn’t speak.  I was channeling my mother, who was a lifelong musician - an opera singer before I came along - a music teacher who taught orchestra, band and many choirs and students over a lifetime.  She was still conducting two choirs at the age of 80!  I sang alto in choirs growing up and have always loved choir music! I was overcome that first night with the sense my mother was with me in the assessment that this was the best choir either of us had ever heard, adult, professional, or otherwise – certainly the best children’s choir in the world!

Q. What motivated you to become a Sponsor?

Jim: We love the mission of PEBCC and the positive effect it has on children. There is no better way than choir training to teach children to speak and sing clearly, to stand and move with grace and good posture, and to exude confidence with adults in social settings. I love the PEBCC community of families, and as a business dedicated to community development, it became clear that this was an opportunity to help an organization that is very important to us.

Q. Why is the choir so important?

Jim: I am fascinated by the history of civilization, and so much of what we know about civilization is passed down and expressed through art and music. The future of civilization is not guaranteed; it takes investment and commitment to nurture its future. We invest in children to fulfill our dream of contributing to the future.

Q. What kind of reaction have you had to your sponsorship?

Jim: Many people are surprised by all the contributions Bell Investment Advisors makes to the community. We are proud that generosity and community engagement are now part of our brand. It helps us to attract clients who are also generous and engaged. It is an honor!

Q. What is it about the choir that makes this partnership such an honor?

Jim: Bob Geary, Sue Bohlin, the staff and board bring so much heart and dignity to their work. We asked Bob if the choir could sing at one of our corporate events recently and our clients were just blown away that we have this sensibility and capacity to integrate music, children and business. For us, it is about Making A Good Life Happen!