Scholarship Information

The Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir Scholarship Fund is delighted to be able to provide financial support to young singers and their families to help young musicians participate in choir activities that might not be an option for economic reasons. Scholarships are need-based and are funded through our annual appeal, fundraising events, grants and private donations. As requests for scholarships greatly exceed our resources, we encourage parents to meet all filing requirements and deadlines for consideration. Application forms (one per student) can be downloaded from below or pick one up from the Choir office.
Scholarship applications for 2017-18 are due on the following schedule. Given the demand for scholarships, scholarship funds are typically exhausted by applicants who provide compete applications on time.
2017 Camp  May 1, 2017
Fall Semester June 30, 2017
Spring Semester

December 15, 2017

Please note that when accepting a scholarship, singers are committing to participating in the Choir for the full year. Singers who withdraw from choir mid-year after accepting a scholarship will have their scholarships revoked and will be responsible for paying the balance for a spot that could have gone to another singer.

Download Scholarship Application