The Scholarship Fund

Our objective is to provide every interested and financially eligible family with a scholarship sufficient enough to enable their child to participate in our programs. The present economic climate has intensified current and prospective families’ need for scholarship support and, as such, there has been greater pressure on our scholarship program. Costs at every level to run the programs have increased and our average family income level has significantly dropped, leading to a notable increase in the number of applications. 

These are just some of the students that the Scholarship Fund supported recently:

  • Student A – Student A’s parent became ill and has been unable to return to work, resulting in a severe drop in family income.  Student A had been a long time participant in the Choir program and would not have been able to continue in the program without some financial assistance. Student A was awarded a scholarship and was able to continue in class. "Choir has given me a balance in dealing with a family crisis", said Student A. Others in the class define Student A as "a leader among peers."
  • Student B – “We believe that this program can benefit our daughter, as singing is the one thing she is most passionate about. We believe that this could be the mechanism for her to achieve more self-esteem, and take on more of a leadership role in her life. (Through) Piedmont Choirs…she has become more self disciplined since attending choir and she has become more confident. We ask for your help in order for (our child) to be a part of this wonderful program and to be able to attend choir.”
  • Student C -  "I am very grateful for the (scholarship) that Piedmont Choirs has been able to furnish.  My income cannot support all the needs. (With your help), the musical education, experience, and social life (my children) have received since their participation in Piedmont Choirs, is, in my estimation, priceless."

For information on contributing to our Scholarship Fund, please call 510.547.4441. We - and the recipients of our aid - give heartfelt thanks to those who contribute each year, enriching the lives of our children and our community.