2003 Concert Choir Tour to Canada & New England

Tour Dates: 

July 3 - July 7, 2013

We made it! It was a very long day of travel for the Concert Choir troopers - two flights and a bus ride plus the time difference. Everyone should be extremely proud of the Piedmont representatives at the Niagara International Music Festival. The singers displayed amazing amounts of patience and calm throughout the travelling. On two full flights they read, napped, played cards, and chatttered at (gasp!) low volume. They let out a rousing cheer on the bus when we crossed into Canada on the Peace Bridge (see picture), and are settled into the dorms at beautiful Ridley College. ( if you want to see pictures of the campus) After a quick dinner at the campus dining hall, which will be providing all our meals, we hopped on another bus and sang in the "Perform for Each Other" opening concert. Each of the nine choirs sang one or two songs - one choir of 18 sang Aglepta by Arne Mellnas, a classic of avant garde choral literature; we felt quite a home with the atonal stylings! Concert Choir performed Country Road and did a good job of it, especially considering how exhausted they all were. Today, Thursday, it's 85 degrees and muggy, though we've been enjoying air conditioning in various places. We rehearsed with all the treble choirs all morning - the guest conductor Jonathan Willcocks is warm and stimulating. The kids like him, and I'm confident the mass concert will be wonderful. After lunch we did some sight seeing at Port Dalhousie, a local spot with a beach and a 5 cent carousel, followed by some enforced rest time. Tomorrow we head off to Niagara Falls, and will sing a concert and then watch fireworks for the 4th! We have limited access to the internet, so I may not get a chance to update for a couple days - I'll do my best! Everyone is healthy and happy and singing in good form. Any emails messages can be directed to Martin or TJ, or Best wishes from north of the border, TJ CC Tour Chaperone

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