2003 Ensemble Tour to Italy and Slovenia

Tour Dates: 

June 30 - July 16, 2003

Day 1: We are safe and sound in Ljubljana! After almost a full day of travel we are hot and weary, but happy to have arrived. Our first flight lasted 10 hours. After a 3 hour layover in Frankfurt, we flew an hour to Venice and met Bob's son Ethan who had traveled from Singapore to join our group. We then hopped in our double decker bus for a 4-hour ride to Ljubljana. Gregor, our helpful host at St. Stanislav's, travelled with us on the bus and helped us through the border crossing into Slovenia. The Slovenian Children's Choir is a choir composed of singers from throughout the country who have auditioned to be in the choir. They are also staying at St. Stanislav's for our joint choral event. They greeted our singers with a hearty round of applause and then sang a traditional Slovenian song to us. Our singers then treated them to Amazing Grace, which the Slovenians have been practicing as well. I observed the Slovenians carefully studying Piedmont's singers' execution of the song. Even though our kids were bleary-eyed from a full day of travel, they performed well. We ate our dorm food dinner, met briefly to do a quick run-through of a Slovenian song which we will learn so that we can sing it with the Slovenian Choir, and had an orientation for the next few days. Bob emphasized that there was a lot of work to accomplish before we head to Gorizia for the competition. Lights went out early tonight.

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