2019 Ensemble - Finland and Estonia

Tour Dates: 

June 24 - July 8

Ensemble’s tour to the Finland and Estonia this summer will include exchanges with Vox Aurea as well as other youth choirs in Helsinki and participation in the Laulupidu Song Festival in Tallinn (Estonia). Piedmont has had a long-standing, on-going relationship with the Vox Aurea Choir, now conducted by Sanna Salminen, an alumnus of their choir. They are located in Jyvaskyla, about 3 hours north of Helsinki.  We first met Vox Aurea when they participated in the Golden Gate Festival in 1995 and took all first prizes.  They have since been back to the Golden Gate Festival 2 more times and this will be the 3rd time we have visited with them in Jyvaskyla. From Finland, we will take the ferry across to Tallinn to take part in the Laulupidu.








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