• 2017 Concert Choir New Orleans Tour

Day 1 - Arrival & Dinner in the French Quarter @ Frank's Restaurant

All families arrived bright and early at 7am at the Oakland Airport for a great send off to New Orleans.  We were told there was a tropical storm going on in NOLA, but were determined to arrive safe and sound! We took over most of the back for the plane as far as seats go, and before take off, we sang our favorite, Homeward Bound.

Video Clip: Singing Homeward Bound on Airplane before take off

After a nice flight with little bumps here and there, we arrived safely to the New Orleans Airport, and much to our delight, the tropical storm we were warned about had passed!  We walked outside and were greeted with warmth and humidity and hopped on a bus to our hotel.  On the way, our bus driver Terrance told us as we were on the 10 freeway that where Katrina hit and that if it was during that time, we'd be currently driving under water.  He also let us in on a little New Orleans saying, "WhereYahAt?", which he said means, "How are you doing?". And the response to "WhereYahAt" is "I'm Good".  Saying "WhereYahAt" is now a call and response part of of our group conversations!

After arriving at our hotel, we had a little downtime to get settled in our rooms before dinner. After about an hour or so, we walked to the French Quarter for a wonderful meal at Frank's Restaurant on Decatur Street. Pasta was on the menu for the evening, and to top it off, some good ol' New Orleans Sweet Tea! After dinner, we sang for our servers and headed back to our hotel for the evening.

On the walk back through the French Quarter to our hotel, we checked out the classic architecture, saw beads hanging from the balconies, watched musicians playing music in the streets and walked by several Voodoo and Spell shops!  Once we got to our hotel, we had short rehearsals in our sections, received our Crescent  City Festival Shirt and then got ready for lights out.

Looking forward to Mardi Gras tomorrow and meeting some of the other choirs at the Crescent City Festival Welcome Ceremony and Rehearsal!


  • 2017 Concert Choir New Orleans Tour