• 2016 Concert Choir Tour to Long Beach, CA

Day 2: Disneyland!

Wow, what a day! We started off the day with breakfast in the hotel and a short rehearsal for the sopranos, and then we were off to Disneyland! The singers spent the morning exploring the park in chaperone groups. Lisa and Andrew's tour groups had lots of fun riding the bigger roller coasters-- space mountain and the Indiana Jones rides were two favorites.

After lunch, the kids sorted themselves out into smaller groups for some more free time in the park. When we regrouped later in the day, they were all quite excited about their purchases, including light sabers, silly hats, and a giant lollipop. 

We stayed in the park until 6pm when we all walked to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Today was Maddie A's birthday, so we sang happy birthday to her in the restaurant

The kids are all quite tired after a long day, but are excited for their first performance tomorrow!

  • 2016 Concert Choir Tour to Long Beach, CA