• 2017 Concert Choir New Orleans Tour

Day 3: Aquarium of the Americas + New Orleans School of Cooking

This morning we began the day with singing! - After breakfast in the hotel, we had rehearsal for the Crescent City Festival, once again learning our combined pieces that we will sing with the other choirs. 
After rehearsal, the day of activities, and more exploring of what this wonderful city of New Orleans has to offer, began. Remember how we said we dodged the tropical storm and rain the past 2 days -- welp, today we were unsuccessful on that front! On our way to Felipe's Taqueria, we walked about 20mins through a nice little rainstorm of sorts. Many of us were able to keep ourselves dry under ponchos and umbrellas, but no one could escape walking ankle high through puddles. -- After a wonderful taco lunch, many of us went to the bathrooms and rung out our socks before leaving. *drip, drip*
Next, we made our way to the Aquarium of the Americas! Here we saw everything under the sea....literally! Fish, sharks, penguins, seahorses, and also got to pet some stingray. The hoot owl was awake for us to see along with many other bird species.
Leaving the Aquarium, we divided up and had a little fun free time before dinner. Some of us went shopping in the French Quarter, other of us stayed back in the hotel for a little rest, and of course one of the more popular free time activities was hopping in the hotel pool!
Next -- it was time to experience that real, down home, good 'ol, taste-buds a buzzin', New Orleans food. Right close to the hotel, we made our way to the New Orleans School of Cooking! They schooled us for sure. On the menu was Corn & Crab Bisque, Chicken Étouffée, Bananas Foster and Pralines. Most of all the food was already cooked by our wonderful chef Ms. Ann (who has won on the Food Network Show, "Clash of The Grandmas"), plus she left some ingredients out that she could add in our presence before serving. Our chosen food crew kids from our tour groups, did get to help stir the Pralines and put them on the wax paper before we enjoyed them melting in our mouths. Yum Yum. Ms. Ann also gave us a lot of history about Cajun vs. Creole, The 'Trinity' of cooking, as well as her personal family history and her love for cooking. This was a treat. We thanked her before leaving by singing Homeward Bound.
To finish the evening, we walked back through the French Quarter and stopped on St. Louis Street. On the steps of a Louisiana Courthouse, there on the streets, we stopped for an impromptu mini rehearsal and performance outside. Many folks passing by stopped to hear us sing, and we were thrilled to share our music with them. They were smiling and clapping for us in between songs and were delighted to hear we were all the way from Oakland!
FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO: on St. Louis St. in New Orleans - Concert Choir sings right off the streets!
(Note: first 9mins are warm ups. Full songs begin after!)
What a full day! Rest was needed last night as 'tour fatigue' definitely caught up to a few of us (or perhaps just myself, Rita Forte -- hence why this blog is a little later than usual. wink)
Onto the Swamp Tour for Day 4...
  • 2017 Concert Choir New Orleans Tour