• 2016 Concert Choir Tour to Long Beach, CA

Day 3: Kodály Masters

After a relaxed morning of breakfast, stretching, warming up and focusing, we headed over to the Westin hotel to perform for the National Conference of the Organization of American Kodály Educators. Your singers were absolutely stupendous. Beautiful, poised, mature and fully engaged. Their performance deservedly earned them a standing ovation from a room full of musicians and music educators. We could not be prouder!

After the performance, we put on our awesome navy blue ponchos and braved the rain on our short-ish walk to California Pizza Kitchen. In order to wait out the rain, we ate a lot of pizza (yum!) and gave an impromptu performance to the full staff of CPK. We had many admirers and even a few teary-eyed waiters.

Once the weather finally started to cooperate we made our way to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Gulzar and Anna liked looking at all the different types of jellyfish, and Thomas and Robbie enjoyed watching the sea otters play. Nuala, Malia, and Patrick’s favorite activity was petting the sharks and stingrays.

We then headed to the Boardwalk for some snacks and free time. There were lots of little touristy shops, as well as some sweet treats. Nheletie and Clara enjoyed some caramel-covered apples, and others quickly discovered ice cream, churros, and funnel cakes. The Boardwalk included an arcade, and the singers had fun playing the games inside. Gabriel and Jan in particular collected a whole bunch of tickets and won some fun prizes at the arcade.

Tomorrow we’re off to Hollywood and Olvera Street, and then we have a joint performance with Immaculate Heart of Mary Children’s Choir. We can’t wait!

  • 2016 Concert Choir Tour to Long Beach, CA