• 2017 Concert Choir New Orleans Tour

Day 4 - We went a Swampin' then a Dancin'!

Today was our earliest start yet on the tour.  Instead of wake up calls at 7:30, we were up by 7! Still, many of us had lots of energy and excitement after breakfast time as we made our bagged lunch for the day and listened to Mr. Brown and Alice give instruction and itinerary details.  Making sure folks had sunblock and bug spray were on the list this morning as we were headed out to go a swampin'.
On the way to the Swamp, which was a nice 50-60 minute ride, we rode on a Yellow Bus, that was thankfully air-conditioned! Thank you Universe. :) On the ride we had quiet/silent time where many took naps, drew quietly or simply looked out the window as we passed over the long spanning Lake Pontchartrain over the 10 Freeway.
We arrived safely to our Pearl River Swamp Eco Tour without a hitch.  We noticed the difference in scenery in this small town of Sidell -- as we were “not in Kansas anymore”! Before even loading into the boats for the tour, we could "hear" the swamp noises, with the dragonflies, birds and many other creatures that create a tambourine-like sound when one just listens. Not after too long, we split in 2 groups and hopped on 2 boats for the tour.  On what is called the Honey Island Swamp - Indian Village, we watched our guide feed alligators right off of our boat.  They gators were fed marshmallows and were obviously used to getting them from the guide -- but these gators would still chomp on any available arm or camera, so we were told many times to keep our arms in the boat, and off the railing.  We also saw a few other creatures who inhabit the swamp and fed them along the way as well.  The full tour was about 90 minutes total and we learned and asked lots of questions! 
When we got off the boats, we thanked our knowledgeable guides and ate our bagged lunches on the patio of the Swamp Tours office. Then we were back on the bus and traveled back to the hotel for rehearsal! We are getting excited, as the Crescent City Festival is tomorrow, and we have been perfecting our repertoire so that we can sound our best for our performance with the other choirs. We will be ready to represent! Post afternoon rehearsals, we had a little more free time where folks again split up and either went shopping in the French Quarter, rested at the hotel or hopped in the hotel pool.
Next, it was time to let loose a little! The Festival provided Dinner & Dancing with the other choirs right across from the hotel at a place called The Chicory. They had the best Red Beans and Rice so far on the trip and the Spinach and Artichoke dip was tasty as well.  Many of us then hit the dance floor and moved to tunes by the favorites -- Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and of course joined in on the Cupid Shuffle.  Others hung out on the balcony of the venue and enjoyed the view and others hung with friends in the next room. Either way, Program Administrator, Alice said it was "Mandatory Fun Time"!! 
At around 9pm we put down our dancin' shoes and walked back to the hotel to head to bed. Tomorrow we head to the famous Café du Monde and a Voodoo Museum before we perform at the Crescent City Festival! 
Until then...
  • 2017 Concert Choir New Orleans Tour