• 2016 Concert Choir Tour to Long Beach, CA

Day 5

This morning we were all a little groggy with the time change, but rallied our energy and spent a fun morning at the Santa Monica Boardwalk! The kids all grabbed some lunch on the pier and then had fun on the rides. The arcade was once again very popular, with many of the kids collecting a bunch of prize tickets.

After, we headed to the airport where we ran into Gail Needlemen, the lyricist for "Campfire Song", which Concert Choir sang last year. We sang for her and then successfully made it through security. 

During tour, the chaperone groups came up with silly group names:

Shirley's group: Surely We Jest

Cassy's group: Cassy's Cool People / The Blue Kens

Lisa's group: Lisa's Frappachurros

Will's group: Where there's a will, there's a way

Andrew's group: Brown's Bombers

Sue's group; Sue's Squad

Andy's group: Andy's Aviators


We are currently in the airport and will be flying home soon. Singing off for now,

Lisa and Will

Check back tomorrow for a link to the complete pictures and videos from tour!

  • 2016 Concert Choir Tour to Long Beach, CA