Concert Uniforms

Training and Performing Department singers must be wearing a complete Concert Uniform to participate in a concert. For most of our groups, the standard concert uniform is composed of a brilliantly colored top paired with a black skirt or slacks. Each group is assigned a specific color shirt, and the shirts are custom-made for the choirs. Our oldest groups wear more formal attire. 

Singers in the Kinder Department do not have a formal uniform; choir t-shirts are given to each singer, and these are worn in the semester-end sharing sessions.

How to Obtain Your Uniform:

1. Familiarize yourself with your group’s uniform requirements as detailed in the Uniform Information Sheets.

2. For custom-made uniform items: The Choir staff will measure each student during regularly scheduled rehearsal times. The cost of custom-made uniform items is included in your tuition. Custom uniform items will be delivered directly to the student at rehearsal once they are available.

3. For non-custom items, you must contact the appropriate vendor directly to make your order. Please take care of this right away so you are not caught unprepared at performance time.


Sizing Sessions

Training Department: Sizing for new and outgrown uniforms takes place twice yearly, at the beginning of each semester during rehearsal.

Performing Department: Sizing for new and outgrown uniforms takes place during the summer or early fall for all Performing Department groups. Singers in Concert Choir and Ensemble will be sized during camp. Uniforms for Performing Department singers must be ordered in early September in order to be ready for the fall concert season.


Casual Uniforms

For less formal appearances and "away" rehearsals, Concert Choir and Ensemble singers wear the Casual Uniform. This is comprised of a Choir Logo polo shirt, blue denim jeans without decoration, blue chino shorts, and white athletic shoes, as well as the optional Choir Logo sweatshirt or windbreaker.

Custom uniform items are ordered through the Choir Office, while other items are purchased directly from outside vendors such as Dennis Uniform or Lands End. Contact choir office with any questions- inquiries@piemontchoirs.org.


Outside Vendor Contact Information

Dennis Uniform (boys pants, choir polo shirts, sweatshirts and jackets)

Online: www.dennisuniform.com, school code N81PCH
At the store: 130 Doolittle Drive, Unit 1
San Leandro, CA, (510) 763-0967

Lands’ End (choir polo shirts, chino shorts, sweatshirts)

Direct Link Here

Preferred School #9000-8595-2, logo #1044003K
(800) 469-2222 or (800) 332-0103 (fax)

The Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir is a “Lands’ End Preferred School;” the company donates 3% of its net sales when anyone orders using our “Preferred School Number” (9000-8595-2). In addition to providing our Preferred School Number, you should also provide our logo number (1044003K). Please be aware that the addition of the embroidered logo, which is a mandatory component of the uniform, will add $8.10 to the normal price of each item.

Selix Formalwear (tuxedos, Ecco men)

1724 Broadway, Oakland CA (510) 538-7733